How To Date Russian Women

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International dating has its difficulties – rooted in communication misunderstandings and culture differences. Understanding where Russian women differ can help American men bridge the gap and create a lasting relationship with beautiful Russian women.

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Once you have contacted your Russian women you will have to act appropriately. Here some quick tips on how to date Russian women.

How to date Russian women #1 Politics

The one subject that you will want to avoid early on is Russian politics. This can be a touchy subject for any Russian to deal with so avoid brining this up in conversation. If they are happy to talk about it and they bring it up first then you should be fine but if you feel the awkward vibe then fall back.

How to date Russian women #2 Understanding

The fact that she is Russian is great and is of course a subject for conversation but when introducing her to friends never say : “this is Svetlana my Russian date”

She is a women in her own right and should not be attached to a nationality to many times. Just treat her like anyone else and if someone else brings up her differing nationality then so be it. This will ensure she feels included and the less she feels like an outsider the more comfortable she will be.

How to date Russian women #3 Manners

Russian women love to be pampered and fussed over. Using old fashioned manners will impress your Russian date even though you might think it’s a bit over the top. Flowers, opening doors and polite speech all work great.

How to date Russian women #4 Control

Russian women are used to being taken care of by a man. You need to be in control of yourself and the night. Decide where you are going for dinner and pay. Be open to her suggestions but make sure you are able to make the final decision. If she feels like you are a bit weak and need direction in decision making she might get a bit turned off.

How to date Russian women #5 Drinking

Never get drunk… Period

It would be a huge let down if you took her out and got drunk on vodka. She might well be used to this in Russia – she is looking for something else so keep in control and never get drunk in her presence. It will be a massive turnoff for her.

How to date Russian women #6 Language

Something you can do together:

If you are interested in really getting to know her you will want to know a little bit of Russian. Go to Russian language classes or get her to help you. This will be a great bonding activity and will impress the socks off her. If you can speak rough Russian and understand her you will have no trouble seducing her.

How to date Russian women #7 Friends

Get to know her and her friends.

Do not try to isolate her from her friends and family. You need to accept that she will have a community of Russian friends that might find you foreign. The fact that you can’t speak their language and don’t understand their mannerisms will give you and understanding of what it’s like to be foreign.

Accept and embrace her friends and family as if they are you own. This will further empress upon her your open mindedness and willingness to understand her better.

These 7 tips on how to date Russian women are just that… tips. You need to get out there and test them for yourself.

I would advise dating Russian women in America first to test the waters before flying over to Russia.

Take some Russian language classes before flying over to Russia so that you have some tricks up your sleeve to impress her. You won’t feel so alienated over their if you can speak her language.